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Oil Recycling

Summerland Environmental are specialists in the removal and processing of oily waters.

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    Waste Oil Removal

    Summerland Environmental are specialists in the removal and processing of oily waters.

    Pits capturing water from commercial industrial wash down activities contain oil and other petroleum based products. These are captured in pits before entering the sewer system. These pits need to be pumped at regular intervals to prevent contaminants entering the sewer system, and are transported to our Oily Waters Processing Plant.

    Summerland Environmental also collect clean used sump oil direct from the automotive industry that is directly out of engines and other equipment. This product contains very little contaminants and is able to be refined for reuse in further lubrication processes or as fuel.

    Summerland Environmental offers the below, and so much more:

    Oily Water Processing

    The removal of oily waters and accompanying sludge from the waste stream is an obvious and basic feature of environmental protection.

    Consequently we collect such material (which includes degreasers, detergent and waste fuels etc) from the automotive industry, vehicle wash sites and laundries etc for processing. Processing initially involves the filtration of the waste fluid. The floating oil and fuel is then removed from the surface of the liquid before rejoining the energy stream. The remaining water is pH adjusted before flocculation/precipitation to remove all suspended matter. This clear water is (after a further two stage cleaning process) discharged to sewer. All discharges are council monitored. “Regular servicing of oily waters traps helps protect our environment.”

    Oil Spill Recovery

    Summerland Environmental Liquid Waste collection and processing specialises in oil recycling, waste oil collection and disposal, oil spills, recovery, cleanup processing and removal of oily waters, located in Lismore, NSW.

    Summerland Environmental is a Liquid Waste / Septic Waste removal company specialising in liquid waste removal, septic waste removal, oil spill, recovery, clean up chemical spills, waste, processing, portable toilets, portable toilet hire, event waste, environmental waste, located in Lismore, NSW.

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    Liquid Waste Management services in Lismore, Ballina, Byron, Kyogle, and Richmond Valley council areas.

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